About Us


To me Industriart is a bit of a surprise, tucked away at the back of a factory development. It's full of things that I love, whether they be new or old, serious or silly. I have tried to have 'something for everyone', and even if you don't want anything I think it's quite an interesting place to browse and maybe step back in time.



My husband and I are both hoarders and we have collected all sorts of things for many years. It was actually my husband who decided that we should perhaps part with some of our treasures. I have gone with that idea and taken it to a new level- a great excuse to source new treasures..... It's fun, and I can't think of anything nicer than surrounding yourself with 'lovely stuff', and playing- which is precisely what I do.



I really love almost everything in the shop and I really can't pick any one thing. I love a mixture of old and new, rusty and pretty, and I'm learning that I am not the only one who feels this way. I enjoy chatting to people when they come in to the shop, and I have learned a lot from them about some of the older pieces......"I remember my grandmother had one of those and we used to.......".


It's hard to know whether some of the pieces I love are because of their fabulous style or function, or because of the warm, fuzzy feeling they give because of lovely memories. There are quite a lot of things I can't yet bear to part with and I am always asking questions of potential buyers because I need to know that my treasures are going to a good home. (I'm sort of joking, but those who know me well think that my next step will be to have adoption certificates drawn up for everything that leaves the shop).



How can I pick a favourite find? Would it be the pineapple drink decanter that plays The Anniversary Song when you pour, or would it be the fabulous '50's lounge suite that I've had reupholstered? Maybe the little dish commemorating the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the crystal glasses? Or perhaps........


Hope I haven't gone on too much. Thanks. 
Veronica Di Candilo